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In this article, Afrimash speaks with Chinasa Favour, one of our customers from Rivers state who was one of the winners of our Christmas Giveaway promo.

In the Giveaway, she said this about Afrimash,

I have been with Afrimash since 2017 and I have no complaint or regret. Their product is unique. I now have a lot of customers buying from me with no complaint. May the good God continue to bless this company, who has blessed me all this while. Amen

After the Giveaway we interviewed her, and she had this to say about her farming business and her experience with Afrimash.

1. When did you start your farming business?

I started farming business in August 2017.

2. What motivated you to start your farming business?

My passion for Poultry farming motivated me to take it up as a business.

3. What challenges did you face and how were you able to manage or overcome them?

The mortality rate for my birds was much, but when I put a call through to the Afrimash customer service, they told me what to do and the problem was solved.

4. How did you come in contact with Afrimash?

I was searching for a good company to do the farming business on the internet when I came across Afrimash.

5. How did Afrimash help your farming business?

They are sincere and give knowledgeable advice to customers.

6. Why would you recommend your friend to Afrimash?

They are very reliable and sincere.

7. What challenges do you think farm business is facing in Nigeria?

Farm businesses in Nigeria lack capital investments to run their businesses effectively.

8. What do you like about our Christmas giveaways?

It makes us the customers very happy and also improves awareness for the company.

9. Do you think we should continue with the giveaway?

Oh Yes, Afrimash should do it over and over again because it really motivated people.

Afrimash is making farming convenient for over 1500 farmers in Nigeria by providing them with quality inputs to grow their businesses. Buy quality inputs from Afrimash and grow your business with us.


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2 thoughts on “Afrimash is Very Reliable and Sincere – Afrimash Customer

  1. Mathew says:

    I need to start booking direct to Afikpo. I want to really start well. My recent farm was a mess. I lost without break. I need to know the price of agrited, and pullet

    1. Goodness Eshett says:

      Hello Matthew,

      Thank you for reaching out to us,
      As regards your enquiry on agrited and pullet, below are the current prices as at today:

      Isa Brown AMO Pullets N 14,500
      Isa Brown CHI Pullets N 14,500
      Isa White pullets N 14,250
      Novogen Plus Pullets (Olam) N15,500
      Black Pullets — N 14,000
      Agrited Broilers (Ros 308): NGN 17,500

      Note: Prices are for a carton of 50 chicks

      You can view more details and place an order through the link below:

      While we try to reach out to you via the email provided above, you can reach us with your feedback on the state you would like the birds to be shipped to, the number of cartons and contact details via:
      Call: (+234) 809 409 1115
      WhatsApp: (234) 808 280 8271
      Email: [email protected]

      Afrimash is truly excited to serve you at this critical time of the pandemic

      Thank you for choosing Afrimash

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