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In this article, Afrimash speaks with Clement Leibniz, one of our customers from Abia state who was one of the winners of our Christmas Giveaway promo. In the Giveaway, he said this about Afrimash,

Afrimash made ordering of day old chicks swift and convenient. And their customer service follow up was outstanding. Not only did they render good customer service, the birds were outstanding. It grew faster than I expected. It seemed more they hand picked the birds for us. Thank you Afrimash.

We interviewed Clement after the Giveaway, and he had this to say about his farming business and his experience with Afrimash.

1. When did you start your farming business?

I started farming business in July 2018.

2. What motivated you to start your farming business?

My brother motivated me to start farming because he did poultry farming and I helped him out during those times.

3. What challenges did you face and how were you able to manage or overcome them?

The challenges faced was about my last birds, which had a cough of which I couldn’t figure out what was wrong as I gave it a series of treatment but still persisted.

4. How did you come in contact with Afrimash?

It was around September of last year when I couldn’t get a hold of an agent. So I went on the internet to look to see if there is an online platform where I can buy birds. That’s when I came across Afrimash.

5. How did Afrimash help your farming business?

Afrimash made ordering birds swifter and easy, right on time when you need it.

6. Why would you recommend your friend to Afrimash?

It is very convenient to order from them.

7. What challenges do you think farm business is facing in Nigeria?

Farm businesses do not have adequate land space and security.

8. What do you like about our Christmas giveaways?

It gave me an opportunity to win store credit that gives me a discount on my next orders.

9. Do you think we should continue with the giveaway?

Yes, because it will help your store and online platform.

Afrimash has made farming convenient for over 1500 farmers who currently buy quality inputs online from the Afrimash website. To enjoy a convenient, smooth, and productive farming experience, you too can visit Afrimash today to buy quality inputs and grow your business with us.

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