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So today I’m going to be sharing a few tips on effective listening in Customer Service. The first thing to note is that listening is a very important aspect of communication that people ignore most of the time. Everyone wants to be heard but a few have the patience to listen to others.

Customer service is the core of every organization. It is a major determinant of the success or failure of a company. This is the reason why we should pay attention to customer service.

Customer service or customer experience is the first stage we consider before building an organization because it affects every sector in an organization as well as values and output.

We understand customers’ needs by listening to their questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Servicing customers is the aim of every organization and this is achieved by understanding customer needs and desires. In the long run, customer needs and organizational goals are combined to better meet and exceed customer expectations.

1. Have A Clear Thought

The first thing to do is clear our mind of distracting thoughts. For most people, having more than two unrelated thoughts at a time is impossible that is why you must prevent your thoughts from wandering.

Journaling is an effective way to train your mind to listen. Try out this exercise: Get quiet every day for at least 20-30 minutes and tune out all noise and distractions. Then ask yourself a question you want to be answered about your life or career. Sit, listen, and record your response in a journal. Soon you’ll learn how to effectively listen to both your inner thoughts and to others.

2. Do not Interrupt

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The second thing to do is to avoid interrupting the speaker and interject at the right time. Give the speaker time to express their thoughts and wait for a pause to interject or ask further questions. It is rude to interrupt people when speaking; it shows that you value your words and thoughts above theirs. Timing is an important aspect of seamless, effective communication.

3. Be Open-Minded

The third thing is to be open-minded. It is expedient that the customer feels safe talking to you about their desires and suggestions so be neutral. Do not judge or interrupt them but pay close attention to the details of the conversation.

4. Mirror Your Customers

customer service listens 2

Finally, mirror your customers. A good customer experience knows how to respond with equivalent energy and emotions to that of the customer and even more. You must be able to convey your delight, willingness and eagerness to meet a customer’s needs, which in turn earns you their loyalty and commitment.

Here at Afrimash, meeting the needs of our customers is our joy and that’s why we go the extra mile to understand your needs to better serve you.

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4 thoughts on “Effective Listening in Customer Service


    I will to do business with afrimash
    How much is their day old Ross, is the order coming with the vaccine? How is a bag of feeds per bag at afrimash

    1. Goodness Eshett says:

      Hello Finbar,

      Thank you for reaching out to us,
      As regards your enquiry, the prices of day-old chicks change every week
      The current price of our day-old Agrited Ross 308 Broilers is ₦18,250.00

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      Thank you for choosing Afrimash

  2. John Stephen etim says:

    Good afternoon I hope everything is taking good shape with you and Farm please I have a question to ask please there is no way you people can upgrade someone Farm because I need help in my Farm from you people thanks

    1. Goodness Eshett says:

      Hello John,

      Thank you for reaching out to us
      In lieu of your request, Afrimash is an eCommerce platform which aims at making agriculture convenient for everyone by sourcing and selling farm inputs to farmers.
      You can place a special order in line with your request so we can get in touch with you,

      You can also reach us via:
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      WhatsApp: (234) 808 280 8271
      Email: [email protected]

      Thank you for choosing Afrimash.

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