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You’ve come to the right place. Afrimash is growing fast; and we’re looking for contributors who have something interesting to say about the continent of Africa and her nations. We seek contents that are educative, inspiring, entertaining and interesting.

The Kind of Writers on Afrimash

Afrimash is seeking passionate writers, cartoonists and other web content creators who are willing to help develop Africa by dishing out quality information geared to arouse our minds to function more positively and productively towards creating a better Africa for all of us. So, the kind of people we are looking for are Africans and people who live within Africa who love Africa, are passionate about their views and would like to share their insights with the world.

Our interest is mainly to create contents geared to pass across information in a constructive way.

Afrimash is a different kind of blog. We are very conscious of the sublimal effect of what we publish. Like other blogs we create contents for people, but we do this with a mission in mind – to make people’s lives better and Africa a better place to live in.

We believe that by focusing on what is good about ourselves (and yet remain realistic), we can attain unto greatness faster and more easily. 

We welcome individual writers or groups. Since we are Voices from Africa, we’d like to allow only Africans to write on Afrimash. However, we understand there are foreigners who are Africans at heart. Such people are also welcome.

Afrimash Content Guidelines

Afrimash’s core site topics revolve around helping Africa become a better place. We ensure all our topics have the continent of Africa or any of the countries in Africa as the core message.

We would like to cover the minutest but important information that will make an African’s life better or make one place or the entire Africa better for all of us. Your post may be in any of the following areas:

  • Politics and Governance
  • Fashion, Style and Arts
  • Technology, Science and Inventions
  • Business and Intelligence
  • Entertainment

Also, your content type could be any of the following:

  • News
  • Story
  • Case Study
  • interview
  • Poem
  • Pictures and cartoons

Guidelines for Writing on Afrimash

The guidelines below are provided to ensure your posts are as close as possible to what we accept on Afrimash.

If you properly follow these guidelines, your posts will be approved and posted in time.

Original Content: Contributions and guest posts have to be your original work and cannot be published in its entirety on any other site. Excerpts from your post may be published on your own site or blog to promote your article.

Non-promotional: We will not publish any article which is promotional in nature whether subtly or directly.

Links: We do not accept in-line links, except if it is relevant to the post and not associated with your own or a client’s site. You are allowed one link to your company site and links to your social media profiles within your author profile.

Length:Our sweet spot is 500 to 1000 words per post, up to a maximum of 1500 words. However, a minimum of 100 words is acceptable for poems.

Unpaid:Guest and contributor posts are not paid for.

Subject to Review: All content, headlines, and links are subject to our review. We will edit a post to meet our guidelines, if necessary.

Benefits of Writing for Afrimash

As an Afrimash writer, we expect that unleashing your heartfelt passion is a greater benefit for you. However, there are usually more benefits that come from being a part of a larger body. Some of these are:

  • Showcase yourself as an expert writer
  • Be heard by more people
  • Improve your web content creation skills
  • Get access to useful information for web content creators
  • And more

Next Step

Start with your first article. Send your article to us using the form below, and we shall let you know if you meet our criteria.

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For enquiries, questions, comments and recommendations, contact the administrator of Afrimash here.

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