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My Two Months’ Experience at Afrimash

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It has been a long bumpy ride at Afrimash being an intern for almost two months now. The experience has been intriguing, interesting, hectic, and beautiful all rolled into one.

Recalling my first week at Afrimash, I felt a bit scared considering the load of work I had in front of me and it felt like it was a goal almost impossible to achieve within the short deadline I had.

Within my first month at Afrimash, I was loaded with the task of sorting accounts, building automated accounting formats which could effectively and efficiently track all inflows and outflows. Trust me; it was a lot of work. However, with the help of existing staff, my supervisor and my mentor, I was able to scale through successfully.

Subsequently, my workload never reduced but I was able to have a clear-cut idea of what my daily tasks would look like with time and this helped me to balance and complete all tasks without being told.

My second month at Afrimash has been majorly the time I used in building on what I already learned and started during my first month. When I first got to Afrimash and started handling accounts, I had some imperfections, made some mistakes, and spent those early days learning from them. Now, I am able to carry out my tasks effectively, with utmost caution and invariably little or no supervision.

On the overall, the time spent so far in Afrimash has exposed me to the realities that exist beyond the four walls of the university, allowed me to learn, unlearn and smooth out all ruffled feathers. I have also been able to achieve notable things as an intern particularly the development of active and efficient automated accounting systems to monitor all income and expenditure of the company. Afrimash has also taught me how to work in a fast-paced and an ever-evolving environment where there is a lot of expectation from everyone.

Finally, for new recruits, it is important to keep in mind that Afrimash is an organization where there is a lot to learn. The environment is a dynamic and inter-dependent one where the success of an individual’s task depends on that of another and no one is tailored to performing just one task – there is a lot of flexibility involved- but this pressure will never get to you because Afrimash is a friendly, conducive and happy community.



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