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Treated Crop Seeds are seeds that have undergone treatment and therefore, are protected from pests and diseases even during vulnerable times. They are one of the best solutions to the lack of productive output of crops and the rising demand for food. A gauged application of a crop protection product is applied to the surface of the seed.

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Uses and Benefits

They reduce the lack of productivity.

Crops from treated seeds do not suffer attacks from pests and insects.

These seeds offer a sustainable way to improve food security.

They are economical.

They reduce the need for soil and foliar insecticide applications.

They reduce the labour that goes into weeding and pesticide application.

They are safe to use.

Treated Crop Seeds maximize the yield potential of crops. They also have favourable environmental advantages. Properties of the treatment products and procedures ensure that the seed treatments stay within the seed and off-target movement is reduced. These seeds can grow well in no-till and cover crop fields, unlike unprotected seeds because of the intrusion of diseases. Diseases thrive in this type of farm practice because of its wet and cool conditions. They can withstand the pressure of this sustainable farm practice. Leftover treated seeds should be disposed of carefully. They should not be burnt on a stove used on the farm or home nor should they be buried beside water sources. Do not compost treated crop seeds.