Nipple Drinkers are designed to assist and provide the poultry birds with clean drinking water. This type of drinker is a three-in-one drinker consisting of the nipple, clip, and drip cup. They can be used for broilers, breeders, and layers.
We offer strong, long-lasting, and new nipple drinkers at very affordable prices.
Uses and Benefits
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Nipple drinkers are made of top-quality plastic and stainless steel.
They prevent water from dripping onto the body of the birds or into the litter.
They protect the birds from drinking contaminated water because the drip cup prevents the aggregation of micro-organisms.
They make serving the chickens water easy and fast because of its design.
They help in saving space in the pen so more chickens can be accommodated.
They reduce the need for oral medication and vaccination of the birds because of the clean drinking water they supply.

Nipple Drinkers are useful in both the battery cage and the deep-litter system. They are ideal for poultry farming. They contribute to the high performance of poultry birds. You do not need to buy a separate drip cup, clip, and nipple once you purchase a nipple drinker. All of its components are of great quality. When the birds peck the nipple for water, the drip cup prevents water from trickling to the floor of the pen. This drinker enables you to keep a clean environment in your pen, assisting you in managing your chickens properly. It is a piece of important equipment to have to achieve outstanding results with your birds, especially for layers- it boosts the production of quality eggs. Hygienic water is crucial in the overall performance of poultry birds.