Hanging Feeder For Poultry (5 kg)

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Poultry feeders are containers from which poultry birds feed. They hold the feed of the chickens and provide a secure environment for them to eat without wastage.
We offer new, strong, and durable poultry feeders at affordable prices.
Uses and Benefits
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Poultry feeders make it easier for birds to feed.
They are designed in a way that is difficult for the chickens to topple.
They protect the chicken feed from insects, bugs, rats, e.t.c. that might want to infest or contaminate the feed.
They are affordable and easy to use.
They also do not require difficult maintenance processes.
They reduce feed wastage and are easy to clean.
They are waterproof, therefore they can be utilized outside, and they keep the feed dry for a long time.

Poultry feeders are manufactured in different designs for various capacities. The suspended chicken feeder is designed to hang at the same height as the chicken’s neck. This design makes it impossible for the chickens to pull the base of the feeder and knock it over. The suspended feeder is best used with a rubber tray because metal and aluminium trays rust. The tubular feeder or PVC feeder is manufactured from new pipes. This type of feeder is large and holds more feed. It is simpler to use because it possesses an outward pipe that prevents the chickens from scratching the feed out. Feeders prevent the chickens from creating chaos and mess in the farm or barn. They protect the feed from pests that are often drawn to the appetizing scent of the grains.