Welcome to the Chicks Combo section!

Our chicks combo offers are uniquely created to meet your chicks and poultry management needs and there are a ton of good deals to pick from.
Combo Offers
This section features a wide variety of combo products for chicks such as:

The Multivitamins + Lavaside Combo: This comprises essential multivitamins required to raise healthy birds.
Day-old Chick Combo: this includes both essential multivitamins and antibiotics for young poultry birds.
Chicks Brooding Combo Pack: all you need for brooding in one affordable offer!

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Some Points about Chicks

Day-old chicks are easy to raise and manage.
They are very productive in that they grow to lay up to 300 eggs per year.
They begin laying eggs in eighteen to twenty-two (18-22) weeks.
They produce meat in great quantities.
They can adapt to various housing systems and environmental conditions.
They are resistant to diseases.
They have low mortality especially after they have crossed the brooding stage ( zero to four weeks).
They have a great feed conversion ratio performance.
They are healthy and affordable.


From equipment to multivitamins, to feed, to antibiotics for your livestock, you will be sure to find a combo offer for you. Take advantage of these offers for accurate and effective poultry management.