The goal of every webinar is to satisfy the audience with topics that resonate with them. These insights are better captured in the webinar title.

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A webinar is an online seminar which features presentations as real-time conversations worldwide. Webinar training allows for large groups that turn a presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world.

Our Afrimash Webinar Series include trending topics, well-versed panellists and presenters/anchors and a wide range of attendees including veterinarians, agricultural hobbyists, farmers, agencies, vendors etc.
Our Afrimash Webinar Series offer discussions or training events featuring audio, documents or slides etc.
Webinars help you better understand your audience with regard to relevant topics.
Effective webinars differ from traditional presentations to include options for screen sharing, presenter video and audio and downloadable materials.
Our webinars are often scheduled during weekends and evenings to allow for an increased number of participants.
Webinars are one of the best ways to interact effectively with a widely dispersed workforce or customer base in real time.

A major advantage of the Afrimash webinar series is how it helps us interact with our customers, and harness data and questions to develop a more accurate customer profile. These result in better customer targeting, improved customer satisfaction and increased employee engagement.

The advantage of webinars over standard webcasts is that webinars encourage discussion, so be sure to take steps to keep your attendees thinking, asking questions and commenting.