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Although a noble profession, veterinary medicine has not always had the public exposure it has now in Nigeria. Generally, it was difficult to break ground as a vet. doctor in Nigeria outside the academic scene. Especially with only elites and high class keeping pets, and non-experts in charge of livestock management.

Over the years, a significant percentage of those that studied Veterinary Medicine did as a second choice. The University offering the course to students was how most found out about the course. This coupled with the low market value for veterinary doctors makes most of these professionals diversify into different industries. While opportunities were scarce for the specific skills of the profession, the training Veterinary graduates undergo provides them with attributes that are in demand in many spheres of the economy. It is nothing unusual to see the vet. doctors as top officials in game-changing industries. Even in the medical field, Veterinary doctors pioneered a significant amount of research breakthroughs and findings.

The Noble Profession Training

Vet students undergo training that ensures they produce better than average results while placed under pressure that was almost always severe. Worthy of note is that despite the hectic schedule of veterinary school, it wasn’t unusual to find students involved in several other activities. Many a time, the vet students are at the forefront of school politics, religious activities, vocational skills, charity organizations, and so on. One would propound that the potentials get unlocked and explored under the rigorous training that they undergo, and the resulting excellence is a result of their tendency to go the extra mile since being just good enough never cuts it in vet school.

Recently, Nigerians are gradually embracing the idea of having and caring for their pet animals. Livestock farmers now have the wisdom to seek the consult of a veterinary doctor for their farm animals. Generally, the veterinary field is now expanding with opportunities and veterinary doctors are making money from specializing within the confines of their profession. Although like a trend that’s difficult to break, there will always be outliers in the profession who would rather explore the vast possibilities available beyond the medical and academic sectors of the profession.

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