[singlepic id=5 w=320 h=240 float=right]Here’s TRIUMPH [oil on board], first of my 2013 paintings. It was inspired from my experience in the hatchery where lately I’ve been working.

Believe me, the day-old chicks have got something of an attitude. It’s always so enthralling to see them emerge from their split shells, when within their bright, black, sparkling innocent eyes you can never miss the unspoken joy of being born and alive – it’s a statement of triumph to which their healthy, vivacious chirps are also an eloquent testimonial.

Once the baskets are opened the 1st class chicks would jump and flap their puerile wings, excited to see the light of life and this sight always without fail unbolts a bout of pleasure in me making me wish I understand their language and just what they are busy saying together. They are never quiet; they have got something to say and they are quite curious, ready to take in their environment!

Indeed, the attitude must be just right, considering the rigorous and carefully regulated conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation to which the eggs are subjected during the processes of eggs sorting, eggs storage, fumigation, incubation, candling and hatching through the course of 21 days before the chicks could emerge. Many eggs from the farm get to only become omelets, others that made it to the hatchery end up as early dead embryos and some along the line get contaminated and become “bangers”; indeed of the others that become chicks many also come with deformity that is not compatible to life.

A successful hatch is when about 85% of the incubated eggs become 1st class chicks. And it is indeed a triumph for each chick that makes the number because being alive is the foundation to endless possibilities, a truth to which each chirp of the chicks is an underscoring story line.


TRIUMPH [oil on board]

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