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5 out of 5

Transparent Egg Crate (Per Carton)

5 out of 5

Chicken Egg Crates are designed for the protection of eggs from damage during storage and transportation. They are recommended for use in farms, stores, e.t.c. Each crate can hold thirty eggs.

We offer you various types of chicken crates at affordable prices. You can find paper crates, plastic crates, water-resistant crates, and transparent crates in our store. Each crate is new and durable.
Uses and Benefits

Chicken Egg Crates protect eggs from damage and external influence that can break them.
They can be reused, washed, and dried.
They are long-lasting.
Asides from the paper egg crates, they are fungi- and mould-resistant.

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They are affordable and easy to use.
When not in use, they can be easily stacked together.
The plastic egg crates are made of polystyrene which offers excellent cushioning and protection.
The plastic crates come in various colours.

Chicken egg crates protect eggs from unnecessary damage and external shock. They also protect the eggs from micro-organisms that might want to cause spoilage of the eggs. They ensure practical and effortless handling. Their durability ensures that they are useful for an extended period/number of times. Eggs are fragile and can get broken easily during transportation, so these egg crates are vital since they provide a safe cushion for a good number of eggs at the same time. Whether you are an egg distributor or a poultry farmer, you will find a great collection of egg crates in our store and you can purchase as many as you want.