Cassava Processing Equipment section is a category that comprises all equipment used in the production of cassava products. Cassava processing is an important part of agricultural farming because it produces one of the most essential foods for humans and animals. You can access various cassava processing equipment in our store. They are new, durable, and affordable. Examples of some equipment you would find are: Dry sieve, cassava peeler, paddle washing machine, cassava grater, hammer crusher, packer, vibration sieve, garri fryer, hydraulic press, frame plate filter, flash dryer, centrifuge sieve, rasper, fine fibre sieve, etc.

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Uses and Benefits

Cassava Processing Equipment are used to convert fresh cassava into chips for animals and fine flour ( popularly known as garri) for humans.
They aid in producing cassava flakes and pellets.
They are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
They are safe to use and possess a long lifespan.
They are manufactured according to strict and high standards, therefore, they ensure efficiency in operation.
They process cassava tubers into high-quality cassava starch, which is used for food and also valuable as raw material for industrial manufacturing purposes e.g. gum, glucose, sweetener, paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Cassava is an essential crop in developing countries, and it is a popularly grown crop with different varieties in Africa. It is the main source of major nutrients in many animal feeds and human food. The roots of cassava contain a high percentage of starch content between twenty to thirty-two per cent. It is the most satisfactory choice for starch processing technology. Ten to a hundred tons of well-processed and quality cassava starch can be produced daily depending on the buyers’ specifications.