Disinfectants are chemical agents produced to inactivate and destroy micro-organisms ( e.g viruses, bacteria, fungi, mildews, and mould) when applied on objects or inert surfaces.

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Uses and Benefits

These disinfectants are cheap and have quick activity against a broad range of micro-organisms.
They possess both disinfecting and cleaning abilities.
Hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants are safe and sustainable for the environment.
They break down into natural elements – oxygen and water.
They kill a wide spectrum of viruses quickly.
Some disinfectants are mildly acidic while others like the chlorine-based formulations can be very corrosive.
They can cause irritation and discolouration if not used properly.
They are very useful on farms, in workplaces, and households.
They should be used regularly to prevent disease-causing infections.
They come in handy bottles and can be carried around to any place at any time.
Each disinfectant comes with instructions on its use and application.

Disinfectants do not necessarily kill all microorganisms, particularly bacteria that possess resistant spores. This makes sterilization a slightly more effective bactericidal process. However, they relatively have quick kills at times. They work by weakening the cell wall of microbes or intruding on their metabolic process. Disinfection is also a form of decontamination and can be explained as the process whereby physical and chemical methods are used to curtail the number of pathogenic microorganisms on a surface.