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Hello there, did you know that rabbit production is one of the livestock farming with the greatest potential and room for expansion?

This is because of their minimal investment requirements and ability to reproduce fast. The cost of their feeding is also low because of the demand for grain. Expenses on shelter and disease control management are low, yet their meat is highly nutritious and healthier source of protein when compared with other sources of meat.

This is a glimpse of what to expect from the September edition of our monthly webinar, scheduled to hold on Friday, 27th of September 2019 between 7-8pm.

Our Facilitator And His Topic Focus:

Mr. Faleke John, an experienced rabbit farmer and breeder, would be the facilitator. He is the MD/CEO of Faleks Farms, a rabbit breeder with a variety of rabbits from New Zealand to California, Chichila and Flemish Giants.

His topic of discussion will feature the following sub-topics;

  1. Rabbit as a profession.
  2. Rearing and identifying a pure breed.
  3. Rabbit as a pet or meat product.
  4. Health benefits of rabbit meat.
  5. Crossbreeding and housing.
  6. Vaccination and medication guide.

Mr Faleke will concentrate on the training for 30 minutes and thereafter take questions from participants to which he would give relevant answers instantly.

Do you still need a reason to join this training?

The training is free for all participants; You don’t have to pay for this detailed training. You can read the insight from our August edition here

Now you have a reason to take part in our training session on rabbit production. Do not forget to turn on your notification to get updates on our trainings and other special offers

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