Live Bird Transport Crate (With Lid)

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Poultry Processing Equipment

Poultry processing is the term used by the poultry industry to describe the conversion of live poultry into raw poultry products fit for human consumption. We offer a variety of poultry processing equipment.

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Poultry production involves the husbandry of poultry birds, under a monitored environment with an adequate supply of feed, water, and other nutrients to produce birds with quality features and the ability to produce eggs or processed them into food. Other than meat, the egg is one of the main product of poultry production and the supply of egg from poultry farms contribute greatly to protein supply.

Poultry processing involves the series of chains involved in the extraction of meat from poultry birds. On a small scale, poultry processing involves simple processes as one or few birds are to be processed into meat. Commercial production of birds usually involves the slaughtering and safe processing of large quantities of domesticated birds like broilers under safe conditions for human consumption.

Steps Involved in poultry processing

Slaughtering: the slaughtering process involves the killing of the birds. Commercially, before the slaughtering, the feed supply for the birds is stopped 8 to 12 hours prior to the commencement of the processing steps and the water supply is kept steady. This will ease the evisceration process and prevent undigested food from contaminating the meat. Most slaughtering equipments are designed to keep the birds’ movement to prevent them from backing out.

Scalding: This process involves loosening the feathers of the birds using hot water to aid de-feathering. Soap or any suitable loosening agent can be added to the hot water to enhance the process.

De-feathering: After scalding, the loosened feathers are thoroughly picked. Small-scale processing usually involves handpicking of the feathers, unlike commercial processing which involves a larger number of birds. The birds are transported to de-feathering machines and the process is always very efficient and properly done.

Evisceration: This is the removal of all the internal organs of the birds (viscera). The intestines, lungs, reproductive and other digestive parts of the birds are removed. This process generally involves the separation of the edible parts of the bird from the inedible ones.