Fertilizers (34)

Fungicides (19)

Herbicides (30)

Insecticides (32)

Agrochemicals are chemical products used in agriculture especially on farmlands for protection, growth, e.t.c. Fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, and soil conditioners all fall under this category.
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Uses and Benefits

Agrochemicals are used to improve the nutritional quality of crops.
They protect the crops from the attack or infestation of pests.
They are useful in all the divisions of the farming sector – crop farming, horticulture, poultry farming, dairy farming, e.t.c.
They help the farmers produce high-quality, healthy crops.

Most agrochemicals are composed of two or more chemicals; the active ingredients which do the main action, and the inert ingredients that aid in the application of the chemical substance. Other formulas like hormones, chemical growth agents, synthetic fertilizers and manure concentrates can also be termed agrochemicals since they contribute to the growth and productivity of the crops. Insects are a major risk to the growth of crops so the use of these agricultural chemicals has proven to be efficient in protecting these crops from insect damage.

Together with pieces of farm machinery like tractors, irrigation pumps, and mechanical harvesters, agrochemicals have increased the per-acre productivity of farmlands. If used properly, their adverse effects on the ecosystem can be mitigated. The production of food declines if crop protection chemicals are not used. This can result in inflation in food prices. Therefore, they aid in producing quality and cheap food products without posing many risks to human health.