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Crop Products are plant products that are grown and harvested for sales and profits in agricultural farming. This category comprises fibre crops, feed crops, food crops, ornamental crops, oil crops, and industrial crops. We offer healthy, quality, and well-groomed crops at affordable prices.
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Uses and Benefits
Crop Products are harvested for human and livestock consumption.
The world’s most popular food crops are grains. Fruits and vegetables are other worthy examples. Food crops are mainly for human use and consumption, and examples are rice, west, corn, e.t.c
Feed crops such as oats are mainly grown and harvested for livestock use and consumption. They contain nutrients that animals need for their growth and development.
Forage crops like grasses are groomed for animals who would like to feed directly from them. However, some forage crops are cut, dried, and stored. These are called hay crops.
Crop products are important to vegetarians to supply them with all the necessary nutrients.
Fiber crops such as flax, cotton, bamboo, hemp, e.t.c, are planted and harvested for use in textile industries and households.
Oil crops like olives and sunflower are used in oil manufacturing industries and food industries.
Ornamental crops are planted and harvested for decoration and landscape design.
Industrial crops like rubber are used in industries.
Barley is used to feed beef and dairy cattle because they have tough stomachs. Hull-less barley is fed to swine and poultry because it is easier to digest.

Plants are the key source of nutrients. The first crops harvested through agriculture were food crops. Agricultural development and civilization led to the planting and harvesting of other forms of crops.
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