Live Bird Transport Crate (With Lid)

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Afrimash’s line of grain processing equipment is a robust ensemble of equipment for processing materials such as rice, wheat, grain, corn, oats, barley, sugar cane, maize, fertilizer, fibers, bean, sorghum, cassava, and other grains, etc.

We offer a wide array of grain processing machines including rice millers and polishers, maize peelers and threshers, grain moisture meters
mechanical sifters, hulling machines, destoning machine, dryers, etc.

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Grain is a staple that feeds billions of people around the globe each and every day. Whether it is wheat, rice, corn or any other grain, it is important to integrate innovative and long lasting solutions that stand up to the rigorous demands of cleaning or processing, sorting, storage and load out.

Grain processing solutions consist of a wide range of proprietary processing equipment to suit the grain food industry applications from raw material intake through to finished product. These solutions enable the proper conditions for grain storage while minimizing spoilage. Much like every other agricultural equipment, their primary function is to make traditional farm operations easier, thus reducing labor, maximizing effort, and increasing productivity and profit.


Some other important points to keep in mind:

Some of these machines may be manually operated, electric-powered or fuel-powered.
All grain processing equipment promise high durability, operational efficiency, and long service life.
All machines are fully checked before delivery.
We deliver nationwide.