Anticoccidials are products used to protect and prevent poultry animals from coccidiosis – a disease prevalent among poultry birds that cause a reduction in productivity and eventual death of the birds. We offer several anticoccidial drugs in our store at affordable prices. Products like amprolium, robenidine, decoquinate, salinomycin, amproccoc, sulfadimethoxine, ormetoprim, nadcox, diclazuril, monensin, avatec, e.t.c are available. These products are manufactured by verified companies.

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Uses and Benefits

Anticoccidials are medicines used in preventing, controlling, and treating coccidiosis in poultry birds.
They help the animals to achieve optimal performance.
They boost productivity in the poultry business.
They can be added to poultry feed.
They should be used in a structured and monitored way.
Some medications are given to the birds at their early stages to help them develop resistance against coccidiosis.

Coccidiosis is a major problem in the poultry business, especially in floor-bred birds. It is caused by a protozoan parasite, coccidia. This parasite lives and multiplies in the intestinal tract of the birds and causes tissue damage. This damage obstructs food digestion and nutrient absorption. A high level of coccidiosis in poultry animals can cause poor health, low feed efficiency, and death. Anticoccidial medications cannot be used in organic poultry production. Anticoccidials should be used prophylactically and not therapeutically to enable maximum effectiveness. It would not have been possible to improve the chicken and turkey industries and have a successful poultry business if not for the discovery and use of anticoccidials. These medications have helped poultry farmers in achieving maximal profits from their business.


We offer various brands of veterinary anticoccidials recommended for administration by veterinarians to livestock after diagnosis.


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